Today we found a guy who we wanted to build a computer for us but decided to pay him with some good pussy.....can you believe that there are still virgins in the world? Im like OMG we got to show this corny ass nerd how good pussy feels....but he looked like a pro to me when he started!
What would you do if you got a phone call from your home girl tellin you she saw your man out with another skeezer while he was supoosed to be at work? Well I know if he got some good dick and head to match I would fuck that nigga real good and put his ass out just like this!
I came home from work to find my dude sittin at home beating off to a porno!!!!!!!.....Im like dude come on... I been dancing all fucking night if you aint gone pay any bills at least have my bath water and Hard Dick ready for me when I get home.... dont give them nuts away to the TV.... NIGGA GIVE them to me! Dam dudes these days aint got no kinda respect for a bitch!

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